American Wagyu Beef, LLC

~~American Wagyu Beef, LLC (AWB) is motivated to keep the highest in quality standards in genetics, family farmed and raised beef, and promote honest business practices. 
"Working and cooperating with family, the community and other small businesses owners is the most fulfilling way to prosper. "

-Christine Reeves, AWB CEO

About Us

Christine Reeves started American Wagyu Beef (AWB) with the help of her husband Nikolai Buchholz and her brother Fred Reeves in 2004 That year, when American beef exports were brought to a halt, she worked closely with large Japanese Beef companies who were raising Wagyu beef in the United States solely to export to Japan. The AWB team learned about Japanese meat cutting techniques, the fundamentals of meat packaging and tracking the Wagyu genetics for each animal processed. 

Today Christine is the sole owner of AWB but still works closely with her brother Fred Reeves and father Jerry Reeves. She sells a limited supply of hand selected Natural, Wagyu from the family farm on the breaks of the Snake River, mainly to Restaurants and family's along the west coast, who prefer the 'Ranch-To-Table' experience

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