On the brakes of the Snake River in Eastern Washington State is the farm Bar R Cattle Company. It is owned and operated by the Reeves Family. They registered their first percentage Wagyu heifer in 1990 with the the American Wagyu Association, making their farm the Associations' oldest active member.

In 2004, the Bar R Cattle Company co-founded BR2 Wagyu Genetics LLC. Today Bar R Cattle Company is the sole owner and operator of BR2 Wagyu Genetics and it is the marketing arm for semen and embryos produced by Bar R Cattle Co..

Jerry Reeves of Bar R Cattle Company is not only the brains behind the genetics of the Wagyu on his Farm and in his company, but he was instrumental in brining Wagyu to the US. Jerry was a Professor of Animal Science at WSU for 37 years. During this time he was a member of the team that went to Japan to evaluate the potential of the Wagyu Cattle. In 1988 the team recommended they start crossing the Wagyu with existing cattle in the US, and this started the importation of Wagyu cattle, first into the State of Washington.

Please visit their website and learn more about the Bar R Cattle Company and their Genetics at  WWW.BR2Wagyu.com


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